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Lawyers…they’re all over the TV these days, in Boston, New York, Los Angeles….everywhere. This community is a fan-fiction writing community for any television or film lawyer or Judge past or present.

1. Check the Claims table here to see if the lawyer/table combination you want is taken.
2. If not, pick the prompt table you’d like and post it in your journal. Tables can be found
3. Make a claim here, in the following format.

LJ Name:
Table Number:
Table Link:

4. A mod will approve your claim with a personalized Tag, then join the community.
5. Each lawyer may have 1 claim per table.
6. Each author may have two claims at any given time, but not two claims for the same lawyer.
7. Only single lawyer claims are accepted, no parings.
8. To drop a claim comment here.

Posting Instructions:

1. Rating—Fics rated G-R are accepted
2. Length: 100 words or more
3. No Slash.
4. The prompt must be used more than just a passing mention.
5. All fics must be tagged with your personalized tag you received when you were approved for
6. The story header is as follows:

Prompt: Table#/prompt number/description
Word Count:
Author’s Notes:

7. All fics must be placed under a LJ-Cut
8. Use the title of the story and fandom as the subject for each post
9. Please proofread the fics before posting.


1. Can I post my fics other places?
Sure. They’re yours to post wherever you’d like.

2. Can I AU?
Sure. AU all you want.

3. Can I use original characters?
Sure, just be sure to note that in your Author’s Notes. If the character was created
by someone else, be sure to get their permission.

4. Can I write about a paring?
Yes. The reason for the no paring rule is to ensure that everyone can write about every
paring. Just try to throw some single lawyer fics in there too.

5. How often do I have to post?
Ideally, at least once per month. However, sometimes that isn't possible. So try to
post at least once every two months. The exception to this rule is yourveryfirst post.
If there is no post within the first month after claiming your character/table, the
claim will be dropped.

6. Is there a time limit?
No. Just be sure to post every once every two months.

7. Do I have to do the prompts in order?
No. You can do the prompts in any order you’d like. Just be sure to number them.

8. Can I post a multi chapter work?
Sure, just make sure you number the chapters and your claimed lawyer is in all of them.

9. What if my lawyer was on two different shows? Is that two claims?
No, it's the same claim. For example, Alan Shore was on The Practice and
Boston Legal if you claim Alan, you can write about either show.

If you have another question that isn't listed here, please comment on this post and a mod will get back to you.

Special Thanks to neojess For the table help.