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Jamie Ross/"Disorder in Court" part 1/?

Title: Disorder in Court, Part 1/?
Fandom:Law & Order crossover with Night Court
Characters: Jamie Ross, Dan Fielding, Harry Stone, Bull Shannon, Lana Wagner
Prompt: tv_legal75 table 3, 055.Case
Word Count:651
Rating: PG
Summary: Jamie and Dan meet when Jamie winds up in night court. Circa 1985. AU.
Author's notes:please, please if you read this, comment! I appreciate feedback greatly! thanks!

Jamie Ross was an up-and-coming defense attorney at Calhoun, Gorton & DeLuca but she still believed in social responsibility. Though she was often seen by those who knew her as bitingly cynical, at 24, she still held onto some of her ideals.

“You’re going to change the world one pro bono case at a time?” Neil Gorton was amused that someone of her caliber of thinking was so idealistic. She was young, though. He supposed that’s what it was.

“I think as defense attorneys—as integral, and often over-looked parts of the criminal justice system—it’s our job to help those less fortunate,” she told them man who’d become her sometimes-date and constant arguing companion.

With the shortage of public defenders, local defense attorneys had been asked to volunteer hours—a case here and there—when asked by the public defender’s office. Jamie had added her name to the pool and was mildly annoyed when Neil would not do the same.

“I’m a partner at a firm, Jamie,” he looked at her incredulously.
“So you’ve got the time and money to do so.”
“I take pro bono cases on occasion,” Neil said. “But public defending?” He chuckled. “I’ve done my time in the trenches. I’ve been where you are, Jamie.”
“Fine,” she said. “I should be getting a call this week…feel free to come watch me beat some poor prosecutor’s sorry ass at no additional cost to my client.”
He laughed, amused by the self-righteous tone in her voice. “I’ll be there…”

Meanwhile, Across Town…

“Can you believe this?” Assistant District Attorney Dan Fielding looked with disgust at the paper he held. “They’re actually begging for public defenders…” He shook his head, then glanced out the window in Judge Harry Stone’s chambers.

“Well, Dan, it’s not a job that’s perceived as noble by many,” Harry smirked as he worked on a new card trick. “Not like, you know, being a prosecutor.”

Dan “harrumphed” as he set down the paper. Defeating public defenders was what he did in his sleep—sometimes literally—in night court. This would only make his job easier, he thought.

“I wouldn’t be so cocky, Dan,” Harry said, leaning back into his chair. “A lot of the lawyers that volunteer come from some of the city’s top firms.”

“And they’re obviously being kept very busy,” Dan smirked, lighting his pipe.

Lana Wagner, the court clerk, entered the judge’s office after a brief knock on the door pane. “Harry, we’re ready to begin…”

Harry nodded. “Just a minute, Lana. Let me gather my things…”
Lana looked at the paper that Dan had been reading. “Oh, my god…what’s next, drive-thru court sessions?”
“I’ll have a justice burger with a side of peace fries,” Harry smirked, still playing with his cards.
“I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees a problem,” Dan puffed on his pipe.

The Next Day…

Jamie Ross got the call from the public defender’s office at around 5pm.

“Ms. Ross, we have a few cases that have just come up…”
Jamie smiled, satisfied. “Cases? When is the first one, tomorrow morning?”
“…uh, no, it’s in an hour…at night court…they’re all tonight, at night court.”
“Night court?” Jamie repeated.
“That’s right, ma’am. Criminal court, part two, at the Municipal Court building. Judge Harry Stone’s court…”
“And who’s the in-house DA?”
“Dan Fielding…”

“Never heard of him,” Neil said awhile later when Jamie called him to cancel dinner. “You’ll kick his ass.”
“I will…Aren’t you coming to watch?”
“I can’t give up a reservation at 21, Jame. I’ll see you afterward…”

Dan looked at the docket for the evening. Hookers, flashers…the usual round-up. Hastily written in, next to ‘public defender’ was ‘Jamie Ross.’

“Ross…Ross,” he murmured.
“Never heard of the guy,” Bull Shannon said. “Whoever he is, I’m sure you’ll kick his butt, Dan.”
Dan took a puff of his pipe. “That I will, Bull. That I will.”


Nov. 14th, 2006 09:58 pm (UTC)
Hee. This should be a very interesting story, I look forward to reading more:)