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Jamie Ross/"Quid Pro Quo" Part 2/?

Title: Quid Pro Quo, Part 2/?
Fandom:Law & Order
Characters: Jamie Ross, Jack McCoy
Prompt: Table 3, 054.Friend
Word Count: 1,369
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Jamie's marriage ends.
Author's notes: First: thank you to softbrowneyes for helping me with Jack McCoy. Much of his dialogue is a credit to her. Thank you also to neojess for being my proto-beta reader, usually reading most of my stuff before it's finished.

Finally: Please, please if you read this, comment! I appreciate feedback greatly! thanks!

Work had been the first thing to fly out of Jamie’s mind when Neil’s car had driven off. She’d went back into the house, called her own lawyer, and had spent the better portion of an hour talking to her. She knew Neil’s lawyer, Rand Gregorio, from the firm. She’d worked with the man before, and knew exactly the person she needed to counterstrike what he would come up with. Collette Forsythe had been a mentor in law school, and was one of Manhattan’s top divorce attorneys. Jamie managed to reach her on the car phone.

“That prick,” Collette’s voice was matter of fact as she drove through traffic, which Jamie heard in the background, “Knew exactly what he was doing this morning when he served you with those papers. He deliberately had Katelyn out of the house and at his mother’s. It’s tantamount to abduction. Now tell me about the

After Jamie informed her that there was nothing she could prove about Neil’s affairs, Collette Forsythe was undaunted. “There are always ways of procuring information. Now, where can I reach you?”

“I’ll be—” It was then that Jamie realized she was due in court in less than fifteen minutes. She’d been tying up the line, meaning Jack McCoy had probably tried calling too. She hurriedly rattled off her work line and grabbed her briefcase, flying out the door.

“It’s nearly noon,” Jack McCoy didn’t bother looking up. “We had a review meeting at nine and court at eleven…you just yelled at me last week for not giving you enough responsibility...”

Jamie threw down her briefcase. “Everything was ready. We didn’t need to review. We were here until nine last night reviewing. It was a simple hearing. Clear-cut-”

“Where were you?” He looked up at her.

Her eyes were narrowed, and her hand held out the files that concerned the case from that morning.

He raised a brow at her as he took the files, curious as to why she was late, and wondering what she was hiding.

“Come on, Jamie…” McCoy’s voice was softer. “I know you weren’t caught in traffic all that time…you usually call from your car phone in that case…”

“Neil left.” Her jaw was clenched, and he could see the stress in her eyes.
“Yes…he’s-we’re getting a divorce. It’s been coming along for months, but he gave me the papers this morning…”
“Ah…you should have called…”
“Thanks, Jack, I was a little preoccupied trying to make sure my daughter wasn’t being smuggled out of the state…”
“I didn’t mean it like that…I just meant…never mind.” McCoy rummaged around in his bottom desk drawer and pulled out a bottle of aged scotch. He poured some into a glass, and slid it across his desk. “Sit down, Jamie.”

She sat. He pushed the glass closer to where she was and she took it, drinking it all down in one gulp. It burned, as scotch usually did, but after a few moments, she could feel her body start to relax in a way it hadn’t since Neil had given her the divorce papers.

“Better?” McCoy asked.
She finished swallowing. “A little.”

Jack leaned back in his chair. “Never understood what you saw in Neil to begin with.”
“I’m starting to wonder,” Jamie sighed, rubbing her head with a hand. “He actually took Katie to his mother’s yesterday, gave me this whole spiel about how Eloise missed Katie…He just wanted her out of the house and in his ‘possession.’ ”

“Well it is nine-tenths of the law.”

She shot him a look. “My lawyer should be taking care of that as we speak.”
He was unfazed by her glare, and instead held out the alcohol. “Want more? I still have half a bottle.”
Jamie pushed her glass back in his direction. “Neil thinks he has the upper hand…he’s not going to know what hit him.”
McCoy filled her glass. “If you need help….I’ll be happy to assist you.”
He smirked. “Kicking Neil's ass…”
Jamie laughed. “I've got Collette Forsythe.”
McCoy took a drink from his own glass. “I'm sure she'd love to take Neil down a peg.”

It was Jamie’s turn to smirk. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t love better, at that point. Just then, the phone on Jack’s desk phone rang. He answered it.

On the other end of the line, a snotty-sounding man spoke. “This is Rand Gregorio for...” He paused, as if looking for the name. “…Jamie Ross.”
“Is there a reason why you called the DA's office instead of hers?” Jack’s tone was even.
Jamie watched and listened carefully to his side of the conversation.
“This is the number we were given,” Gregorio told Jack.
Jack glanced at Jamie across the desk. “Fine. What do you want? Ms. Ross isn't here.”
She raised her brows at him, but trusted whatever he was doing.

Gregorio’s voice was clipped. “Tell her that she has a hearing this afternoon in Family Court.”
“You going to tell me the time or does she have to be psychic?” Jack began to look mildly annoyed.
“Two pm,” Gregorio said, “Sharp.”
“She’ll be there.” Jack hung up. “Jamie, you have a 2pm hearing in Family Court…”

Jamie frowned. “Two pm...that's two hours from now...They should have called Collette....she said she was going to call them...”
“They're just trying to rattle you.”
“Do you know how impossible it is to get a spur of the moment hearing in Family Court?....the son of a bitch has been planning this...” Jamie fumed.
“Wouldn't surprise me...” Jack finished off his scotch.
“I need to call Collette Forsythe…” Jamie reached across the desk for the phone, which Jack handed to her. She took it and dialed Collette’s direct office line, where she should have been at that point.

The secretary answered. “Collette Forsythe’s office.”
“This is Jamie Ross for Ms. Forsythe...it’s rather important.”
“I’m sorry ma’am, Ms. Forsythe is not available.”
“What do you mean she's not available?” Jamie stood, taking the telephone, along with its cord, with her.
“She was in a car accident about an hour ago, ma’am…her injuries weren’t severe but she’ll be in the hospital for a few days…”
“She what?!” Jamie was incredulous. This couldn’t be happening. “I just talked to her…”
“Yes, ma’am, she had just hung up with a client when she veered off the road…She was driving rather fast…would you like the firm to give your case to one of our other associates?”
“…no, no I don't want a different lawyer, I want her...” Jamie paced while Jack watched with interest.
“Ma’am, we have many capable associates…”
“No it's fine…” Jamie slammed down the phone angrily. “Goddammit.”

“What happened?” Jack asked.
“Right after I spoke with her, Collette apparently got into a car accident....she's in the hospital...”
“Is she going to be all right?”
“She'll be fine, out in a few days...” Jamie bit her lip, in thought.
“Doesn’t help you now, though.” Jack got up himself.
“No, it does not...” Jamie checked her watch. “I have an hour and a half till court. Waiving the hearing till a later date will only serve to let Neil keep her longer.”

“So, what are you going to do?” McCoy wanted to know.
“Go to court,” she said, as if it was the obvious answer. “I've worked with Rand Gregorio before, at Neil's firm. At least I know what he's going to attack me with.”
“Which is?”
“That Neil has more money and can better provide for Katie..that he has more flexibility in his hours as a partner than I do working here, that Katie is happier there...”

“Is any of that true?” McCoy asked.
Her eyes were narrowed again. “The first two are, technically. But Neil’s a weekend father, if that, and I’ve got his work record to prove it.” She looked at the clock again. “I’ve got to get going…lunchtime traffic is going to be hell.”

“I’ll go with you,” Jack offered. “I did say I’d help you kick his ass.”
Jamie raises her brows. “Go with me as a friend offering moral support or as counsel?”
Jamie nodded, as he followed her out the door.


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Nov. 12th, 2006 10:15 pm (UTC)
Jack to the rescue:)

Very good job:)
Nov. 13th, 2006 01:37 am (UTC)
Yay I like it...More!!!
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