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Family Ties - Jack McCoy

Title: Family Ties
Prompt: 3 / 070 / Child
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 332
Author’s Notes: This fic was inspired by the Law & Order episode “Slave”. Maybe these will all just be episode codas, I don’t know. Spoilers, obviously.

Jack sat in family court, watching Lonnie Rickman as he received his sentence from the judge. Gone was the cocky youth of their first encounters. This young man was polite, and willing to accept what lay ahead of him. He was distracted, head on a constant pivot, searching the gallery. Jack knew who he was looking for, his mother. His ‘mother’, Cassie, was nowhere to be seen. She was probably high on drugs right now.

Jack had seen the boy’s face fall at his mother’s words in the interrogation room.

“Do what you want with him...I don’t care. He’s a pain in the ass.”

Lonnie was probably the only reason the woman was alive, and she didn’t care. Jack could only watch impassively as something broke within Lonnie, and he told Jack what he needed to know.

Although he’d never tell Lonnie, Jack knew what it was like to have family who didn’t care. His father was a prick too, but he’d managed to reach a stalemate with his demons so that he could make something of himself. Hopefully, Lonnie would be able to do the same. Picking up his briefcase, he headed out of the courtroom, leaving Claire to catch up.

Two days later, Jack was behind his desk, reading over a deposition, when Claire knocked on the doorway. He looked up.

“Hello, Claire..”

She didn’t respond at first, approaching his desk, and placing a black and white photo on top of the deposition. “Look familiar?”

He blinked. It was obviously a crime scene photo. The victim in question had a bullet hole in her forehead, and a blood trail down the wall she leaned against. “It’s Mrs. Rickman.”

Claire nodded. “Briscoe called me today. They think one of Morales’s other employees took her out, in retaliation.” She paused. “They took away the last thing he had left. It’s sad, really.”

Jack only shrugged. “Family or not, he’s better off without her.”

For once, Claire didn’t know what to say.


Nov. 11th, 2006 04:54 am (UTC)
Thank you. For some reason, I'm having an easy time writing Jack. ;)