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Captivate: Jamie Ross

Title: Captivate
Fandom: Law & Order
Character(s): Jamie Ross
prompt: Table 3/69. Meeting
Word count: 871
Rating: G
Summary: Jamie meets her future husband for the first time...
Author's notes: Of course, characters property of Dick Wolf and NBC Universal. Comments welcomed.

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Collateral Damage - Jack McCoy

Title: Collateral Damage
Prompt: 3 / 039 / Destroy
Rating: G
Word Count: 465
Author’s Notes: This fic was inspired by the episode "Mega". It takes place after Jack and Abbie leave the Graces' townhouse for the last time. Obvious spoilers for the episode. I just love the ending to this episode. If i get the quotes wrong, um, bite me. I wrote this several hours after I watched it again.

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